The Chain Weaver range of jewellery is based on use of chain mail techniques and patterns.  This involves weaving many (sometimes hundreds) of individual metal rings together.  Some of the rings, or links, are bought in and some (predominantly the silver ones) are hand made from wire. The jewellery is made from a variety of metals (aluminium, silver, titanium, niobium, 14ct gold-filled,brass and copper) that enables us to vary the colour, weight and cost of items produced. Some metals can be treated to give lovely colours, and we like to make particular use of this in our designs.  

Our necklaces include classic styles, delicate styles and dramatic pieces.  Prices depend on the metal used and complexity of the weave, and vary from £20 to £250 with an average of £30. 

Our bracelets come in a wide variety of styles.

Prices range from £20 to £120 (depending on metal used and complexity of weave) with an average of £28.

We make variety of styles in various metals.  Prices range from £12 to £50 depending on the metal used.   There are also trinkets such as baby dragons and baby octopus.

If you want something different to that shown in our gallery we can vary our designs changing lengths, colours, or metals.  Let's see what we can do ........