Sizes - Items can be made to the right size for you, be this small or longer.

Variations -  I can offer variations to suit you.  For example:

  • Bracelet designs can be used for necklaces, or necklace designs for bracelets
  • Matching or complimentary items can be made
  • You can choose the colour or colour mix you want, or the metal(s) being used  (see aluminium colour chart below)
  • The weight of the weave may be varied to be lighter or heavier. 

I am willing to discuss any ideas that you have.  However, do be aware that a successful weave depends on the ratio of the width of the wire to the inner diameter of the rings being used.  Getting this wrong can result in the weave being over rigid or being floppy and messy.  Items can also be too fragile if the weave is of looser finer rings. 

Contact us to talk about a design for you.