The Gem Weaver range of jewellery is based on knitted illusion cord (necklaces) or coloured copper wire (bracelets and hair accessories).  Bracelets, hair accessories and earrings can be made to match any necklace.

A mix of over 400 gems, pearls and crystals are used in each necklace. 
Prices vary from £20 for simple necklaces using semi-precious chips and roughly matched pearls to £60 for the more elaborate ones using uncommon gemstones, or perfectly matched pearls.

Each Knitted Bracelet is made up of 50 to 60 beads or gemstones (simple bracelets) or 200 to 300 beads or gemstones (cuff bracelets).  
Prices range from £8 to £25 depending on the beads used.

Each Hair Accessory is made of semi-precious beads, freshwater pearls, and coloured copper wire, using combs, tiaras, hair pins or slides.  
Prices from £8 to £25 depending on the beads used.